Friday, 29 April 2011

Major Project: Opium Den Sequence Thoughts!

Right, I have a couple days to produce in Maya this important 30 second sequence ready for rendering when I come back. The music at this point is massively disorientating, so I'll be using the camera to disorientate the viewer. The sequence feels like a descent into a madness so the plan is to prouduce a number of quick 'sets' that a camera can push through within a 3D space. Much in the same way that mimics my Transcription project where I created dome's to evoke the feeling of a theatrical space. I'll be using After Effects and Premier to layer up sequences so in the end, it should be rather spectacular.


tutorphil said...

exciting! Bring it on, Mr Beg! :D

tutorphil said...

(the seedy element...)

(notice the simple decorative elements that say 'orient' on the building's facade - you could include motifs like this just to signal the environment quickly)

(Here, you could model something like these lamps, and use them to project out crazy shadows and strobic effect like that post you showcased previously - the zoetrope-like light device?)

(and why not actually have some Beardsley images in the mix too somehow? Certainly think about using peacock motifs in there - sort of like fans opening up to suggest secrets and shennanigans).

Likewise, think about taking a very voyeuristic approach; lots of looking through key-holes and 'slits' opening to reveal glimpses of erotica - as if peeking through cracks in doors (with elliptical cropping - like the bear BJ scene towards the end of The Shining).

Have fun! (You might also want to look again at the rape/dream sequence from Rosemary's Baby too)