Sunday, 3 April 2011

Major Project: Opening Shots Pre-Vis

In order to clear my head a little bit, I've worked on these scenes so that they are all set up and ready to go for some Monday morning rendering. It will be nice to have some shots in the bank.

Placing Basil in the CG Scene directly isnt going to work. The images aren't high res enough and due to all the filtering that goes on, particularly in Maya software it just comes out a blurry and ugly mess. So the shot of Basil will be done in After Effects. Which is fine, but I need to find a way to transition from the CG scene into the After Effects one.


tutorphil said...

For your theatre scenes - they could all be produced as seen below - the whole aesthetic - even the conversations between Dorian and Sybil could adopt this cut-out approach...