Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Major Project: Broken Vase. Progress

Tough morning as I struggled to incorporate the rose petals. I'll be saving that for the when I come back to the university. In the mean time. Happy with the posters but I'm still not sure on the wallpaper for the dressing room. I know for sure it needs some extra elements to make it pop. Suggestions?


tutorphil said...

I was going to pick up on the wallpaper last night, but I didn't want to piss you off! It doesn't work, because it fights with the vase in terms of our attention; I suggest you go for something very, very simple - try Victorian wood panelling or a simple stripe - or a design with much more negative space; obviously you're trying to convey a certain drabness and shabby-chic. Also have you thought about knocking back the the background in terms of lighting - so that you have a gobo effect on the wall of a window or similar - so that the light on the vase is the priority, but there's a sense of the scene being part of a bigger environment: At the moment, you've got a visual 'white noise' going on with all the texture and surface pattern and you need to knock it out and prioritise the order of looking. In terms of scale - is the wall a long way away - it's just that, if not, your skirting board is too thin. (sorry!)