Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Major Project: Broken Vase. More Progress

Tricky one this. The camera will start on the vase, so in theory it will make more sense when it's moving. Ambient occlusion will bring out the detail in the skirting board. Thoughts? Feelings?

I'll move on to another scene for the moment which will be the actual dressing room itself. Should be a lot easier as there's more reference material out there and I can employ the ray of light technique.


tutorphil said...

it's looking very promising Tom - though, yes, it will become clear if it's still 'sludgy' in terms of visual ordering when movement comes into play - absolutely, move on, power through, well done, take a break, keep going, grit your teeth, it'll all be worth it, keep going etc. :D

(Oh - and I hope you enjoyed your week away; no doubt did you a power of good!)