Saturday, 9 April 2011

Major Project: Base model finished

I want the attic/schoolroom to look a strange nowhere place within Dorian's head. After texturing this, i'll move on to adding props to the scene.


tutorphil said...

again, Tom - you might want to think about some additional foreground elements for 'pushing past' (i.e. the palms in the studio). In the movie at least, the room at the top of the house featured Dorian's 'innocent' past - his childhood stuff; you might want to include a rocking horse or toy chest or something to suggest that duality again.

tutorphil said...

this way, in terms of texturing, you might be able to add some unheimlich aspects to this scene - childhood inverted - see this link for some vintage victorian childs wallpaper:

Tom Beg said...

Thanks. Should help give the room a sense of scale as well.