Saturday, 5 March 2011

Werner Herzog!!

In a couple weeks I'll be seeing the man himself in the flesh, possibly my favourite contemporary/living director at a small venue in London. Entitled 'Filming the Abyss' subjects will include:

Editing the third dimension
The creation of music for Cave of Forgotten Dreams
Why must filmmakers know how to trespass, pick locks, and forge documents?
Silence and loneliness in prehistoric caves: on hearing your heartbeat for the first time
Life, dreams and confessions on death row. Filming the last act in Texas
Venuses before Baywatch
Questions about the Pope and Twitter (Looking foward to this)
Why do we need to declare holy war against yoga classes?(And this!)

Last years conversation apparently discussed such diverse things as Wrestlemania and the death of Anna Nicole Smith. Chaos usually follows the man so it should be a treat!

And I'll be seeing some exclusive clips of his upcoming film. I really can't wait!

I shall write up a lengthy post for CG Arts!