Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Major Project: Soundtrack and VO v003A

This version is lacking the final murder scene as I'm yet to make the suggested adjustments. I wanted to get something upload tonight. Any feedback on this version before I upload the complete one tomorrow would still serve me well however.


tutorphil said...

4.57 - 4.58 - there's something a little off about this cross-fade; there's a little 'spike' of noise just before the second track comes in - it's only tiny, but feels like a 'splinter' - just 'sand' it down a bit more (sorry for the synesthesiac metaphors...).

tutorphil said...

The 'foreshadowing' after 'I'd give my soul for that' is good - I imagine here a simple, prolonged pan towards the face of Dorian's potrait - moving towards his eyes - and then a slow, slight ominous fade into darkness...

tutorphil said...

Incidentally - I was thinking about the 'conversation' stuff - and, certainly in the love scene, you could accomplish some of that with just eyes - you know, Sybil Vane's eyes looking slightly upwards, shyly - the kiss could even be 'described' that way, with Sybil Vane's eyes closing as the camera moves towards them, simulating the moment of the kiss - you could (I assume) design and model and animate eyes in a suitably effective way? I'm racking my brains for a set of conventions you might use to convey conversation in a non-people way, and I just suggest (until the brainwave strikes) that you look again at the Tell-Tale heart - particularly the scene when the policeman arrive at the door.

tutorphil said...

You know, I've been thinking too about the idea of creating Sybil in a conspicuously 'collaged' or Victorian 'decoupage' way - because that part of the story is very twee and really romantic, perhaps you could adopt an appropriate Victorian craft-style - be really blatant about it somehow?

(This post isn't victorian at all, but could you model the eyes, for example, and animate them in an obviously paper face? You know, really make a 'thing' of it somehow? After all, Dorian himself is in love with her image - her role - not the woman herself).

also see this:

Notice the hand-tinting - a way, perhaps to bring in some pink and softness into your other monochromatic world?

As I'm writing, I keep seeing this guy's work: John Stezaker:

I think - when it comes to people etc. you should be BOLD!