Thursday, 24 March 2011

Major Project: Garden Scene v002

Yep, it's very short. This due to the fact that I wasnt able to render every frame and After Effects was unable to export the entire sequence out. You know when you leave three 8 core pc's running 24hours and it still hasnt rendered then there's a problem. To be fair, it was only an experiment to see I could render this, evidently not. One computer had crashed or restarted and the rest were still rendering when I arrived this morning.

What does work however, works nicely but it's time to rethink this scene. My plan is to make it far more graphical, ripping out the generic texture and replacing it with something a lot more graphical and decorative.


tutorphil said...

well, it's good to get this stuff sorted now! In terms of stylising your flora in the garden, you should use motifs from the period as your guide; so, consider:

Auriculas were hugely fashionable flowers in Victorian times: