Thursday, 31 March 2011

Major Project: CG scene checklist for next week.

Right, I aim to get these done by next week and will assess from there. These for me are bankable shots, the ones I know are going to work. Hopefully I can produce each of these in a single day. The theatre stage may take a little longer because of some more intricate modelling. I'm in the swing of things at the moment and need to keep the momentum going. Next week should prove the most productive week so far. In the meantime I'll continue on the first minute of the animation.

Second Studio scene: This is the scene where Dorian notices the change in the painting. Using the existing scene, I'll adjust the textures on the wall and adjust the lighting.

Theatre: Victorian/Vaudeville style theatre stage and curtain.

Schoolroom: A German expressionist style attic. Angular walls. High ceilings. Harsh lighting.

Stairwell: Very abstract. Mostly use of shadows cast onto a wall.