Thursday, 10 March 2011

Major Project: Another grenade?

The voice over and soundtrack have been signed off and the fact is I have an 8 minute animation to produce! Yesterday I took a step back from Dorian to produce renders for New Designers and a magazine spread and this distance has helped me further assess the project.

Sometimes with concept art it’s easy to get locked down in a single style or vision of something. When I think about it, do I really need an animation of Dorian running through streets when there’s a narrator telling the audience what is happens? Seems a bit cumbersome to me.

I have 8 minutes of time-based media to produce. I know that the narrative can’t fail me, so it’s all down to the visual content to support the story.

During work experience with Butch Auntie I was producing lots of time based media on a daily basis. In a week I probably produced over half an hour of animation. It was really refreshing and I want to draw inspiration from that experience with this project. How it worked was every morning I was given a small brief, and during the day I completed the brief. I had something to show for it every day.

I’ve produced some nice concept art, it wont go to waste, but right now it doesn’t quite suit my purpose. It’s time to lose my inhibition and start having (more) fun with this project.


tutorphil said...

time to make some images happen - get into time-based image-making + sound - and time too, I think, to actually give your 'visual concept' some proper thought. Grenades-a-go-go...