Friday, 18 February 2011

Major Project: Visual rethink

I can't hide the fact that I'm slightly indifferent (at the moment) to the images I posted yesterday. With those images I'm returning to a 'house style' that I'm most comfortable with, so I plan to throw a grenade into a mix and re-conceptulize some more. In order to do so I'm going to just go back and look at all the things I wanted the visual stlye to be. This is a day where I will be watching my favourite silent horror and German expressionism films: Caligari, Faust, Vampyr, Sunrise, Nosferatu and Metropolis etc while picking out shapes and compositions I like from those films.

I realise that the images I've posted aren't 'wrong' but they do not feel right at this point. Maybe I'll take another view later on but for now I feel like I've got the time to grab this visual look by the balls and pull of something splendid.