Saturday, 5 February 2011

Major Project: Pitch Document

Even though I've outlined my idea on this blog, I havent formally produced in writing what my project is all about. I've written up a 'Pitch Document' with the aim of convincing clients to that my project is one they should be giving all their cash to. I've written it as a proffesional document. Let me know if you'd back this horse!


tutorphil said...

Hey Tom - sometimes, a student just puts a spring in his tutor's step... I love this document. I love its concision. It may yet become a model of what a third year needs to produce prior to anything else. It reads very convincingly. You have this tutor's backing.

JOLANTA said...

whoa Tom :) I get you intentsions to this project really clear. Already waitting to see how it turns out to be :)