Sunday, 13 February 2011

Major Project: Narrative thoughts

What was a brand new book just over a couple weeks ago is now a tatty old bulging mess! Amongst the pages are the post-it notes which contain the quotes that I want to take from the novel and use as the narration. Looking at it now, it should be fairly obvious that I have dozens of them. Far too many. This has got me thinking as to what story I want to portray. This will need a further devlepment but I'm now thinking that I may want to approach the text slightly more abstractly, perhaps focusing less on following the narrative which has been done to death before. The aspect which I've enjoyed most from the novel is Dorian's own fascination and splendour at seeing the portrait degenerate into a hideous version of himself. This could be an interesting aspect to focus my animation around, rather than water down too much in an attempt to cram the entire novel into a 2-3 minute span.