Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Minor Project: Population progress

Progress is slow but steady. The process of making all these people is quick, but it's not that quick when you factor in the time it takes to fixing the skin bind and rigging it. I'm only going to add in the ones I think are key to the scene. It is really difficult to notice smaller details, for example there are birds perched on the structure, but it would take a while of looking at it to notice them.


tutorphil said...

it's a slog, Tom - but I encourage you to 'dig in' and keep your eye on the prize. It's really shaping up nicely :D In discussion today, Alan picked up on your need to think more about the way your trees/water etc. meet over surfaces - he talked about painting the joins etc.?

Anyway - it's looking great and all the hard work and attention to detail will be worth it, I'm sure. Don't lose heart.