Saturday, 8 January 2011

Minor Project: Panoramic Shot

I'm officially calling it quits in the modelling department, I could keep going and going of course, but after producing 60+ of humans, birds and mutants, it was getting a little OCD and after repeating the same process over and over again for 3-4 days, my brain is telling me thats enough. Though it tried to before but I shut it out! This time i'm listening. It's been a long road getting here but this is essentially then, the final scene before I add the ghostly people and icons in later on. I hope the fruits of my labour are evident :). My next task is to add some simple animations, in similar vein to the one a produced a little while back. Nothing spectacular but enough to give the impression that the world is alive.


Bob Sparks said...

Well done really rocked this one! You sound like you need a hug hahah

Tom Beg said...

I do! In two weeks when I've finished the entire thing! :)

tutorphil said...

any hugging will have to wait! But - yes, very convincing world-making - it looks a real treat! :D