Thursday, 6 January 2011

Minor Project: Issues resolved!

It's been a rather headachey day so far. A little bit haphazard probably the result of not ever working with a scene this complex before and in the past and some last minute troubles. I've always rendered my scenes in one go, this one requires that I do multiple renders, some now, some next week, and this has been the cause of anxiety. However, I'd rather sort and come across these issues out rather than when it comes to render. So apologies for clogging up inboxes with my woes!

Thankfully I think all my issues are now resolved, and I can continue with populating the rest of the scene! The trees still need to be rendered on a seperate pass, however when doing this directly the trees were not casting shadows and it looked a tad strange. Thankfully I've overcome this by turning off the primary visibility of the trees but still retaining the shadow, like so.

Basically there are going to be 4 passes. One for the backdrop, one for the main scene with all the shadows etc and one for the trees, birds and crowd animation. Also, if there's time I'd like to run an ambient occlusion pass as well.


tutorphil said...

Hey Tom :D Sounds to me as if you're getting tired and going a bit 'snow-blind'. This is to be expected because it's obvious to us all how hard you're working and how much you want this project to come to fruition. Take a break, maybe? (A short one, obviously!) Remember what Dave wrote about in his post - about trifle! This is indeed, your most ambitious undertaking yet and there's bound to be some jitters, but I'm confident you'll make it - and in style. Well done for sorting out your technical woes and keeping your nerve. "Be amazing!"

tutorphil said...

You've been a bit 'off radar' today, Tom? I'm assuming this means you're churning out naked people, mutants and birds at a brisk pace! Let us know how you're getting on.

Tom Beg said...

Yep, still working, but today has been a tad slow, gearing myself up for a marathon session in the next two days. I've just been producing more things to populate the structures and garden with. Still on track, even a little further ahead of schedule.

'Making of' arrived today as well after a lot stress with that (partly the cause of my breakdown yesterday!), looks really nice and I'm genuinely proud of it. Though a revised edition is definitely in order, quite amazing how much more stuff I've done in the two weeks since I ordered it.