Thursday, 6 January 2011

Minor Progress: Progress update

A bit of a mixed day today in terms of tasks completed. The second structure has been successfully populated with an array of birds and people.

Secondly I decided to go ahead and complete the camera movement through the scene, this means that I now have fourish days to produces as much content as I can before I begin rendering first thing Monday morning. My main goal is to churn out 90% of the animation in one hit. The crowd animation, bird animation, water animation and the trees are going to be comped in later on. In regards to trees, I didnt realise but because they're on transparency cards, you get a square shaped alpha channel rather than an alpha channel that is the shape of the tree. Annoying but I don't think there is anything I can do about that.

Thirdly, the lack of detail on this structure was bugging me a little bit, so I added a few more bells and whistles. will improve further when I start adding birds etc.


Alan Postings said...

Looking good Tom. Good luck in the next few days. Keep us updated.

Alan Postings said...

Option - Create a Matt Pass for the trees using Surface shaders (Black and White) and using your transpaceny maps (as texture on surface shaders). Basically making a Matt using the colour pass rather than any alpha channels. This can then control the overall 'punch-out' in After Effects.

tutorphil said...

Indeed - wishing you a clear dash for the finish line, Tom. However tired you're feeling - and Bosched out - it's all going to be worth it. The world you're making is sumptuous in its detail.