Saturday, 29 January 2011

Major Project: The Picture of Dorian Gray. First Post!

Here we go again. Come Monday, the beginning of another intense 15 weeks begins. (And no holiday time for extra work, as I’ll be heading off to Scotland for a week during the Easter holidays.) So time is of the essence. The starting point of my project is Oscar Wilde’s 1890/91 novel ‘The Picture of Dorian Gray’.

An important caveat of this project. It has long been decided for me to break free of the computer screen as I attempt to move into new and exciting realms of CG, hopefully preparing me for post-graduate studies. With the help of Butch Auntie, who I’ve done work placement and commercial work for in the past, I will project the animation. This could mean, projecting it onto the side of a building, a large interior space or a scaled down projection that fits the shape of a door or fireplace. Challenging, as this will mean that I have to learn the process of mapping for projection but also, finding the right space to do the projection and somehow finding a way of releasing the funds in order to pay for the projection, which could range from, £1000 to £3000 depending the scale.

Reinterpreting The Garden of Earthly Delights as effectively as I did (I assume so anyway, response seems to be genuinely positive all across the board.) has boosted my confidence in the world building department and I’m ready to tackle the creation of a world from scratch. Something which I haven’t done since Transcription and I’m ready to take what I started in that project and push it to a whole new level. I’ll be posting an assortment of Influence Maps in the very near future, but needless to say I want the visual style to be eclectic, highly individual and take influence from a number of sources, something which I haven’t done since all the way back in Character Design!

It’s my Major Project and my last of the CG Arts and Animation degree, so it would be nice to go out with a bang. I feel highly motivated to produce something that the course hasn’t seen before. More to come. :-D


Ruben Martins said...

Really interesting approach, good luck with the project!

Bob Sparks said...

ahhhh Dorian Gray.....such a good story....have fun with it :)

tutorphil said...

that's fighting talk, Tom... i look forward to seeing this get into visual territories asap.