Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Patriotism (1966, Dir. Yukio Mishima)

Interesting guy was Yukio Mishima. This is the only film he directed and his based on one of his short stories. This film is absolutelty outstanding and pretty gruesome stuff, and he would of course go on himself to commit seppuku which gives it an added edge (and everything Mishima produced for that matter). Which also reminds that I have to watch Paul Schraders biopic which is apparently very good. Not that by posting this film am I suggesting some sort of subject about my Major Project, but as the close to my Minor Project draws ever nearer I am convinced that in terms of style, minimalism and an absolutely refined style is the way forward for me and CG, and in fact I think for CG AA community as a whole. Certainly, I want to take a look at theatre much more in the future and while bringing Bosch's world to life is genuinly enjoyable, I would like to become a bit more of a director in the future as well. Anyway, try and watch this film, I found it beautiful and fascinating.