Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Minor Project: Last two colour maps

Barring some adjustments to overall colour, the main bulk of the colouring is done, need to sort out the top structure a little bit though, not too happy with the blue part... Moving onto bump maps and specular for the moment now though.


tutorphil said...

I just love these, Tom - they're so tactile - like bouncy castles - I just want to climb on them :-)

tutorphil said...

I think, when all is done and dusted, you should seriously consider writing an email to the Tate - with a link to your blog etc and get them a copy of this work to look at. Nothing at all may come of it, of course, but what's the harm?

Tom Beg said...

Haha crikey, ok!

Speaking of the Tate, Lev an I are planning some trips to some upcoming exhibitions.

Susan Hiller's exhibition at the Tate Britain looks prety fascinating, and in terms of the stuff I'll be producing in the Major project, a MUST SEE!

Also the Tate Modern have a Joan Miro retrospective coming up. Will go to that because well, its Joan Miro!

tutorphil said...

such a cultured fellow... personally, I don't seem to be able to ever get my head above the UCA waters in order to do anything remotely cultural... sob.