Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Minor Project: The garden is alive! Texture projection and animation R&D

Amazingly, this is the final R&D piece of the puzzle. I'm now 100% confident that I can produce everything that's required of me for the final animation which is a nice feeling. So the lack of blog posts from here on out is not indicative of me not doing work instead I'll just be churning and recycling out all the content needed for the final animation.

This little animation is a texture projection test which will help me populate the scene with all the little Bosch critters that make up the Garden.

The image below details the simple mechanisms used to animate the model. It's made up of a simple IK rig and a Bend derformer for the tail.


Alan Postings said...

Congrats Tom. And what a shockingly simply final piece of the puzzle it was.

Z Moat said...

Looking great!! Can't wait to see it all brought together!

tutorphil said...

well done, Tom - very exciting. Work hard - and stay in touch.