Saturday, 18 December 2010

Minor Project: Fifth Structure model!

Finally! The last model is complete! Now it's a case of going back in one-by-one with each of the and refining and adding any small details I may have left out for various reasons the first time round. Then it's onto laying out the UV's. Hardly thrilling stuff, buts it's one more step towwards me completing this project. I want to get at least started rendering by the last week of the christmas holidays in order to give me time to finish off my dissertation as well as leaving plenty of time for problems and post-production. My goal tonight was to complete this model which I've now done and I'm sure much more has been achieved in two weeks than what I'm about to do, but I know it will require 1000% dedication (and 1000 cans of Dr Pepper) from me if I want to make my own personal deadline.

Render times are ok so far. Even on my fully textured model its fairly reasonable and thats only rendering on my dual-core laptop with a number of other processes running in the background as well, so fingers crossed it stays that way.


Z Moat said...

Looking funky mate, and strangely appetising somehow... ;)

tutorphil said...

well done, Tom !!!! Brilliant :-) Keep your energy levels nice and high and accomplish something extraordinary! It's within your grasp!!!!!