Sunday, 19 December 2010

Major Project ideas!

At the moment I'm right in the middle of producing my making of document in order for it to be ready to send off asap in to negate any potential issues that may relate to the fact that it has to ship halfway across the planet. It's about halfway finished and should be completed tommorow, it will be another thing to cross off on my checklist and so far I'm very pleased with it. Despite the massive workload that still hasnt stopped my thinking abouth potential subjects for my Major, it is after all only three weeks after the Christmas holidays until it begins and I want to be ready to go go go, like I was with my Minor project. I havent been doing anything to sidetrack me from my Minor project too much, instead its mostly been about looking for a suitable starting point in whatever genuine spare time I can find these. Recently I stumbled upon the strange avante-garde French composer Edgard Varese. Not exactly easy listening for most ears but I enjoyed it very much and the potential for it to be a interesting transcription has roused my interest.

Also keeping with the French theme, I'm fascinated at the moment by a brilliant film director called Jean Painleve. He specialised in making strange and surreal nature documentarys that broke the boudaries of fiction and reality, especially his under water documnetaries. Check him out.

This has also coincided with me watching Leni Riefenstahl's documentary Impressionen unter Wasser which despite being an elaborate screensaver I enjoyed as a relaxing and beautiful piece of impressionistic cinema. No Nazi's or mountains in sight either...

I still have the Yukio Mishima/Asian Hornet idea in the back of my head as well but all this other stuff is leading me to create a very impressionistic Major project, picking off where I started back in Transcription with Under the Volcano with music and visuals really coming together and while I think has held up fairly well, could be improved upon HUGELY. Of course there's the high probabilty of me working with Butch Auntie for major project. Dicussions are ongoing. Anyway, enough of this, back to work for me! 01:00 and a crapload of work to do before I can happily rest! The joys of a CG Arts Student :D