Friday, 24 December 2010

Major project (feedback wanted!) and voice over news

I know its generally advised to steer clear from mainstream music with the risk of it turning into a 'music video'. Jimi Hendrix's version of Star Spangled Banner I think fits in the realms between mainstream and avante-garde. It's a definite counter-culture icon of Americana.

I've used Jaspar Johns flag as an example but art movements like pop art, neo-dada and abstract expressionism etc have hugely distinct visual languages that could translate into interesting CG and I think their relation to what Hendrix was trying to do in his version to Star Spangled Banner is relevant.

It also fits in somewhat with my dissertation subject and the stuff I've explored in my dissertation is certainly something I'd like to perhaps explore further.

There's a bunch of different versions of the song. The one I've used below is a studio recorded one, which has crisper sound compared to say his famous Woodstock version, which while the better version in my opinion, generally has rougher quality due to the fact that it was a live perfomance.

In other news I also recieved the voice over today! :D Things are progressing nicely and I'm still on target in terms of achieving my personal deadline of at least starting to render sometime during the last week of the Christmas holidays.


Alan Postings said...

Hi Tom,

Ok, I get the Hendrix counter culture ref and its possible visual forms born out of either pop art, neo-dada and abstract expressionism. However what is it that you are trying to say? About art? About America? Is this a period piece or is an update? Satirical? Or is it all of these?

Have you considered the possibility of an updated vision of Americana. Take a look at "Abject Expressionism by Ron English"

Alan Postings said...


Popaganda: The Art and Subversion of Ron English

tutorphil said...

voice-over joy!

Well done, Tom - that's great news.

@ Jimi Hendrix - you're going to need to pin it down - what/where/why...

Tom Beg said...

Thanks, I will see where I can take this.