Friday, 17 December 2010

@ ALAN. SGI/TARGA questions

1. What sort of compression should I be using when dealing with SGI's? RLE or uncompressed.

2. What resolution with the Targa's? The options are 16 bits/pixel, 24 bits/pixel and 32 bits/pixel. And should RLE compression be turned on?

I've given both a test and both seem to have a negligible difference on render times. Is there anything that can be tweaked?


Alan Postings said...

Hi Tom

1) No compression

2) 16Bit and No Compression. Be careful however that this doesn't increase the file size too much.

Alan Postings said...

Theres not really much that can be done by tweaking. It may be that your textures are as low as they can be without converting them to Mipmap files.

This is always an option. There are scripts on creative crash that can do this for you. Again though this may be a minor difference.

Alan Postings said...

Try this one...

You need to convert to a .map file.

Alan Postings said...

You need to install these two programs to make the script work...



then download


Once installed click the 'AutoMapConvert' file in the Auto Map Converter folder

Tom Beg said...

Thank you, Alan.