Tuesday, 23 November 2010

QNQ/AUJIK experimental CG based on Shinto

I love it! Strange strange arty stuff involving fluid effects and matchmoving among others.

"AUJIK is a new age group that shares Shintos belief that everything of nature is animated, even the things that we consider the most artificial and synthetic.

Just as with other forms of animism, AUJIK worships everything that comes out of nature and regard it as spiritual beings, the main difference with AUJIK is that science and technology is considered as sacred as stones and trees."

KIIA from QNQ/AUJIK on Vimeo.

YUKI from QNQ/AUJIK on Vimeo.

a Forest within a Forest from QNQ/AUJIK on Vimeo.

Polygon Graffiti: an Uguisu Morph from QNQ/AUJIK on Vimeo.



James said...

This is remarkable stuff. Just went to the opening at OneDotZero and they are part of the j-star category.
Thanks for posting.

Tom Beg said...

No problem, James. :)