Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Minor Project: R&D People part 1.

So perhaps the biggest challenge I face is incorporating the many people that populate the painting. I was directed towards a Maya plug-in called ‘CrowdMaker’ which is an instancer plug-in designed to create simple crowds that can populate a scene. It comes with a number of easy to implement features such as the ability for the instances to avoid obstacles that are in their way. My first challenge was actually learning how to use the plug-in. Using this tutorial made by the creator I have gotten to grips with the plug-in and as it turns out is surprisingly simple and it could be quite effective at generating the people I need in my scene. The video below shows the obstacle detection which works rather nicely but the movement of the arrows is a bit off.

The next step will be to switch the arrows use a human model with an animation attached. The potentially tricky part will be the animation. I intend to use freely available motion capture data to achieve this.


Rdhillon said...

That will do Tom..that will do :)

Tom Beg said...

haha! Ok. :)

tutorphil said...

good stuff, Tom :-)