Monday, 25 October 2010

Minor Project: low-poly female update.

Getting there, need some assistance with the hands and overall shape however before I can attach a rig and the mo-cap data to it.


Lev said...

Looking good, but perhaps also a screen grab of it without it being hilighted. The green really takes the entire focus away.

Jon Stewart said...

The green is the wireframe. An important part at this stage. Though a version without wireframe and just a lambert would be good.

Are you using any wireframe references? or anatomy references? A tip : Sculpt the anatomy and as you do so you'll realise what is missing from your topology. You will need to add topology in order to better define muscle groups and bones.

Also, wouldn't worry about being strict with your low poly just yet. Use what you need to obtain the shape, and then cut down later.

One last thing, try and keep faces at the same length and squared. You don't want long rectangles on character.

tutorphil said...

yeah, what Jon said... :D