Monday, 18 October 2010

Minor Project: Intro_Menu_v001 FEEDBACK NEEDED PLEASE

This is the opening sequence where you download your paintings ready to be explored in 3D. Generally I'm trying to keep the pace fairly swift but if its too quick then do say so. Also there places within the interface that I'm struggling with, such as how to show when something as been touched. I think these places in the animation are quite obvious at the moment so some suggestions would be mucho appreciated. Thanks.


tutorphil said...

Hey Tom - I like the cuteness of it, but yes it does travel at a slightly neurotic speed; the whirling easels feel as if they need to move smoothly - in a more generous circle somehow - keep it soft. Likewise the travelling over the various paintings; in terms of the text, that's really not on there for long enough, but probably you're just blocking it out? If you're simulating the experience of someone navigating it, then go at my speed, not that of a 14 year old texting fanatic. In terms of the 'activation' effect - hmm - well, obviously, some very pleasant sound effect would really help, but it does feel as if there should be some more painterly way to convey contact... hmmm

oh yeah - and the only problem with the brush icon, is that it's a wallpapering brush (or so it seems to me); is there another more 'painter's brush' icon you could consider?

Tom Beg said...

Thanks. Yes, it's mostly a blocking out process at the moment, lots of thins will get changed, just needed to get a feel for the animation first before I implement final icons etc.