Thursday, 2 September 2010

Work Update 5

The work I've been doing has come to an end. These past couple weeks I haven't had much involvement, mostly because it made little sense passing files back and forth for only small adjustments. So that's that adventure over! There may be possibility of some small work for me to do next week. Helping out on some matchmoving tasks for Squint/Opera no less but it's only a maybe for now.


tutorphil said...

Hey Tom :-)

I'm really pleased you've had such a productive and live project-based summer. It means your brain won't have turned to mush and you'll be up and at 'em first day back (which is the 20th September, by the way). I'm planning an induction event on Friday 17th - with some money behind the bar and an opportunity to break the ice with the incoming first year. It would be great if you could be there. Watch the group blog for more info etc.

How are you getting on with the Boschian music?

Tom Beg said...

Though you gave me a telling off and put me in my place, I haven't been in a good position to start scouring for music yet, will start asap.

I will be there on the 17th most likely, however it will be a strictly non-alcholic evening for me. Not like last time... ;)

tutorphil said...

Hardly a telling off :-) It's about authenticity, that's all - and rules of engagement. For instance, if you were recreating a painting, and you were really serious about it, you'd mix your colours using only the ingredients available to the painter at the time... You see, you've got to ensure that your minor isn't simply 'decorative', but rather built from the original DNA, which rather means you've got to steep yourself in the cultural headscape of the time; try and approach this from the inside out - it will make for a watertight project.

Good - see you on the 17th; I may partake in a few pints of Guiness, perhaps - I'll buy you a bitter lemon. :-)