Thursday, 16 September 2010

Transcription project on Vimeo

Recently I purchased a Vimeo Plus account, which I highly recommend for people looking to display their videos and showreels in more a professional and customizable way as opposed to to an ugly Youtube embed. At the end for example I have a link that takes you to my blog and I've removed the playbars. It's generally a much more pleasent experience than dealing with Youtube and I will be uploading all my Minor project videos this way.


JOLANTA said...

Hey tom!

I'm writting with a question :)
Can I put a picture at a presentation in which you are in. its the one taken at the bar last year after our presentations :)

Basicly I need it to illustrate (tomorrow at the presentation to first years) the point how its important to ask help and how I did that and always asked EVERYTHING! of you :) But the picture shows us lot aswell :)

Promise its not a joke, quite contrary, I'll make you famous god of computers in all the first years ( and mine) eyes :)

SO is it ok ? :)

Tom Beg said...

I suppose so! As long as I dont see it! :P

My hair was in desperate need of a trim abck then. :)

JOLANTA said...

Cool Tom :) and believe me when I say, we all looked like we've needed it :D But its perfectly fine after intense experience of the years last project, we THEN turn back to humans again :D

Tom Beg said...

It's true! I was starting to look like a Wookiee!

tutorphil said...

Tom Beg - God of Computers (or Wookies?). :-)