Saturday, 25 September 2010

Transcription book and the Videotones!

This weekend I've finally gotten round to putting all the artwork and some 3D renders from my Under the Volcano Transcription into a tidy little book, which will be nice. Should be coming in the post sometime hopefully.

In other news keep your eye on the Videotones vimeo page as the music video I produced for Eric Kleptone that was shown at Glastonbury and has more recently be used at the Festinho festival will soon be uploaded officially for the rest of the world to see! (gulp) Basically the thing I produced was an utterly themeless psychedelic mishmash of: Archive footage of bees, Exploding space shuttles, flying dogs, Rambo, Scarface, A Better Tommorow 2 and Faith No More Apparently it went down a treat at Glastonbury! Anyway I shall post on the blog as soon as it's up!