Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Minor Project: Product name

So after some thought I thought of the name and have decided at least for the moment to call the project 'Musee Pocket'*. Obviously musee being the french word for museum. The name gives a hint to what the app actually does without explicitly telling you. This name also sounds suitably cute and pocket sized so fits in with my agenda well. I will work on some logo's and branding.

*edit* although the subtitle '3D' nowadays suggests a 3D display as opposed to CG 3D , so I will go with Musee Pocket instead. :)

*edit 2* Pocket Musee now!


tutorphil said...

Hey Tom - this is cute, though I'm tempted to suggest you reverse it, because it sounds more pleasing;

'Pocket Musee'

Though I know the french would reverse that as in 'chat noir'... but there's something about ending on the soft 'musee' as opposed to the hard 'pocket' that is more satisfying to say - that said, isn't more of a pocket gallery?

Tom Beg said...

Pocket Musee is is then. :)