Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Minor Project: Pre-Vis update 2

Didnt get too much done today but managed to finish off the third structure and added some super cool trees for some scale (hopefully you can get a sense of that in the second image and third image. I'm not in too much of rush to get this done, not having a finished pre-vis ready for Monday wont stop me from starting the model process. In fact I expect the final pre-vis will go through many iterations before I get the final outcome, the work I've done in the summer has taught me the value of constantly refining and improving. Obvious I know, but not something I've always had the luxury and confidence of being able to do! I also need some face-to-face talks with the CG Arts Jedi Council to really get an idea of what this project is all about.


Alan Postings said...

At least you've stuck your flag in the sand Tom. Discussions are great when theres something already in the room. Much more productive.

Glad to see you matching the colour tones.

See you monday.