Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Minor Project: Music found!

Following some scouring of the internet in search of some suitable music I found this rather good collection of tracks from now dead English composer Lennox Berkely which after previewing some of the songs I duly bought.

The album is wonderful and features a number of rich tracks many of which could . Anyway I've narrowed the choice down delibrately to two very different pieces. The first being a slow paced and rather dark sounding piece and the second being quite the opposite but retaining a sort of dark underbelly. Have a listen. I'm loving the second one, it feels so otherworldy and seems to fit into Bosch's world rather nicely. Bear in mind that I'm concentrating on the middle panel.

And if these two pieces fail to satisfy then there's a lot of other potential tracks on the album. Let me know what you think.


tutorphil said...

Good digging, Tom - and I agree; the 2nd piece is suitably frisky (considering the actual content of the middle panel) and other-worldly, with, as you say, just the suggestion of impending madness or menace glimmering below all the mischief... progress with confidence :-) Great stuff.