Saturday, 4 September 2010

The Last Wave (1977)

Pretty interesting Australian film from Peter Weir. Follows in the same vain as Walkabout and to a lesser extent Picnic at Hanging Rock. I guess the big difference between them is that this one is set in Suburban Australia as opposed to Suburban folks in the outback. It even has the Aboriginal boy from Walkabout as one of the main characters, rather strange hearing him speak English actually. It's about a lawyer who has to defend to a group Abogiringanls after they are charged with the murder of another Aboriginal is mysterious circumstances. The lawyer is spirtually linked to the group through strange dreams. I really liked this film, it has bags of atmoshphere and is very strange and unnervning. Interesting mix of different genres, settings and themes. The ending is nice and apocalyptic as well.


tutorphil said...

I've been meaning to watch this movie for ages; read lots of good things about it. Watched Roeg's Don't Look Now recently. So genuinely unnerving at times.