Wednesday, 8 September 2010

I have a camera.

The Canon AE-1 Program released in 1981! It's totally retro, still worked straight from a dusty bag after about 10 years non-use, is just a good any modern camera and cost me absolutely nothing (other than the money for a new battery and a service) and it comes with a whopping great telephoto lens. So begins my amateur photography career! I'm very much interested in learning about focal lengths and the ins and outs of using a camera with film. :)


Alan Postings said...

Hi Tom,

I noticed that the London Graphics Centre has started selling 'Flash Bulb Camera' kits. Retro photography is definately back in fashion.

So are you going to do black and white or colour photography?

Tom Beg said...

It's interesting that you can buy old but still great camera's for hardly anything, though I dont exactly have much knowledge of the camera market so perhaps I'm wrong.

Anyway, there's still a couple rolls of leftover colour film in the case, so I'll probably start with those. If the film is still useable after all these years?

Alan Postings said...

I doubt it is but it might produce some interesting effects.

You developing them yourself?

Tom Beg said...

I would like to but I'm not sure I have the time or patience for that. :)