Wednesday, 15 September 2010

The Expendables

Don't know whether this film is old news yet either but way I'm starting to believe that after: Rocky Balboa, Rambo IV and now this, Sylvester Stallone is clearly insane, and the last true madman Auteur left in Hollywood, whether he's any good or not is up for debate however but he is insane, there's no doubting it. It's a not a good film, overall its fairly amusing, entertainingly violent and has some nice cameo's in it but feels too contrived to sit alongside truly classic actions films.

What I find so interesting about it is the fact that it feels so self-indulgent in a way that makes it feel like the entire film is pumped full of steroids, almost as if Stallone was raging on the 'roids while looking at himself flexing his muscles in the mirror as he filmed each shot of him shooting some poor bloke in the face. It sounds bad but for someone who has the opinion of Hollywood like I do, it's quite refreshing to see a film so clearly one mans distinct vision come to life across the screen that seems to have not been interfered with too much. Long live Sylvester Stallone!