Monday, 2 August 2010

Work Update

Thought I'd give a small update. I don't think I'm in a position to disclose the exact details of the things I'm working on, but I think I'm safe in saying that I'm producing about 4 small animations for an IT firm, which will be elements for an upcoming corporate presentation. I'm working from home and I'm mostly using After Effects to do all the animation, however there might be some 3D incorporated at some point. At the moment I'm still roughing stuff out.

The deadline is very soon, and theres lots of work to do. As expected when dealing with a big non-design firm like this one, there's a lot of attention to specific details. I was shown an internal branding guideline which discussed the MANY do's and don'ts (lots of don'ts!!!) when it come to portraying their brand identify through various medias. There also the issue about specific timings etc in order the keep the presentation flowing smoothly. And there's lot riding on the quality of the final animations because it could open potential floodgates for more work from this company (though not necessarily for me but I'm eager to please) Here's hoping it all goes well.


tutorphil said...

How 'secret agent'! It's great that you're getting this kind of experience, Tom. I look forward to hearing more when you're able to talk about it without attempts being made on your life... :-)