Sunday, 8 August 2010

Work Update 2

Currently I'm rendering off my After Effect animations ready to be sent early tomorrow morning so we can get some feedback from the client ready for the final push towards the deadline on Wednesday. Basically over the weekend I've concentrated on my making my animations as slick and professional looking as I can, and it would be a bit of a disaster if they turned round and said they didn't like them. Anyway, so far it's been hard work for more reasons other than just a big workload, I don't think I'll say anything too detailed because most likely it would come off as a big moan when truthfully it hasn't been all that bad really but a couple things have bugged me (and the rest of us) along the way and if they did turn round and say they didn't like our stuff, then really it probably wouldn't be our fault exactly. Hopefully, all will go well with the next set of feedback though and we can concentrate on the final push.

And like Zack and Raj, I have learnt a crap load of stuff in After Effects. Would really like to incorporate the stuff I discovered into my Minor Project and beyond, it can really help make something 'pop'.