Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Minor Project: Music

Did some research, not too keen on the composers that came from the same era as the painting. Josquin Des Prez and the Franco-Flemish School etc. Even though these pieces depict the Divine Comedy rather than Bosch's painting, I think for now it's a toss up between these two. Tchaikovsky's 'Francesa da Rimini' and Liszt's 'Dante Symphony'. Leaning towards Tchaikovsky personally!


tutorphil said...

'Not too keen?'

It seems to me that if, just by dint of a whim on your part and unfamiliarity with the music of the 1500s, you copy/paste a completely different tradition of music onto your loving recreation of Bosch's world, then the whole project becomes arbitrary and false. The apposite music might not be your cup of tea (yet), but as part of your project building/pre-production, I'd expect to see you enjoying the Sherlock Holmes role of tracking down the most appropriate soundscape for your piece. Trust me on this - Tchaikovsky and Lizst - both Romantics - have no place in Bosch's cultural universe!

tutorphil said...

Hey Tom,

Okay - try these; the Michael Berkeley is contemporary, but a quick listen will tell you it's atonal, impressionistic and avant-garde - could be perfect; also, the composer is contactable, so I'd encourage you to ask his permission to use the track, and get him interested in your project etc. It could be a great opportunity to give your minor project an additional 'frission'!

The Garden of Earthly Delights – Composer Michael Berkeley

The Kronos Quartet are always good:

Kronos Quartet – Early Music

This last cd is great; a friend of mine had it years back and it's wonderfully energetic and other-worldly in their use of instruments from the time.

The Dufay Collective – A Dance in the Garden of Mirth

Let me know how you get on.