Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Minor Project: 'Bosching' out a quick plan.

This is the part of the painting I'm gonna be concentrating on. Even so, I'm never ever ever going to be able cram all that stuff into a 15 week project. The five stone structures stand out the most to me. There's the problem of all the naked people to deal with. Usually I dont mind naked people but in this case I'm the one that has to make them all naked. Most likely going to achieve this by modeling acouple and varying the texture on them. In terms of animation, my plan is to for the most part have things frozen, however when we focus in on something, the thing becomes unfrozen and animates, freszing again as we move away. Should be quite stlyish and striking.

I'd like to achieve this sort of look in the end. A fairly stylized and bold version of the painting, with a higher poly than that guys work. I don't want to overcomplicate things though, considering I have A LOT to make.

I'll be back to Bosch some for more out for ya later.


tutorphil said...

Hey Tom - that's a very nifty idea - the 'unfreezing' of the tableaux - good plan, and yes, that link is very elucidatory re. your planned approach. What I'd love to see from you is an encyclopaedic approach to your pipeline; everything archived, everything unpacked; Dave Keefe produced an 80 page pdf project document for Timothy Winters, but I'd like to see you put some pennies aside to go for a hard-copy published book via or similar - a lavish 'coffee table' style tome - exquisitely designed and beautifully illustrated! :-)

On another note - any contact with Tod? I dropped him an email a few days back as I'm keen to get his minor project as advanced...

Tom Beg said...

Message Gimp to the rescue! I'll send him a text. :)