Monday, 16 August 2010

ARK 2010 snaps

I don't know why I didnt post these back when I first got them, I didnt, but I'm making amends now. These were some quick snaps taken on an iphone towards the end of the show (most of the guests had gone of to watch The Killers by this time). The stuff I helped produce was displayed on 5 huge mother f'in Plasma screens suspended from the roof of the unused platform at Waterloo Station. The ARK dinner gala thing is an annual childrens charity, I think this years one raised £15 million and is attended by a whole bunch of famous/important people.

The stuff on display on that point in time were these cool little sets of images I produced.

I also did this rotating chandelier (very classy I must say) thing that displayed the auction total.


tutorphil said...

Great to see these, Tom - it looks rather magical. And, those architectural images are so lovely - they are, in fact, incredibly commercial; there are many blank walls in Islington flats that are no doubt crying out for them. I'm serious. Find a way to market them, and you'll have another little earner...