Thursday, 8 July 2010

Things to do.

After a month of doing not that much, I'm starting to feel the need to get back to work on important things. One such thing is getting back into the swing of blogging random things since my blog has been disapointingly bare the past month or so.

Secondly I have some unfinished buisness to care of which happens to be completing my Manny Calvera model which was left at the end of the Narrative in a disapointly unfinished state. By finish I mean, model and texture it completely, then skin and rig the body. Trying to tackle my own difficulties in regards to modelling and texturing has meant I've fallen behind with the whole skinning and rigging and process that I want to rectify. I'll want to incorporate some more animation/movement into my work and knowledge of those processes in order to aid that wont go amiss. I'd finish the Mini model and rig that as well but unfortunetly that was stupidly left on the College computers, so I may start another car model as well. I want a finished car!

Here's some nice Fantasia artwork too :)


tutorphil said...

love these!