Saturday, 17 July 2010

Minor Project: A tad frustrated but I have a solution.

As of now I'm ever so slightly bored with trying to find a piece of music/text that can satisfy whatever creative amibitions are lurking inside of me.

Inspired by the myth that Eskimo's have many words for Snow, I'm interested in the idea of doing a transcription of a single word and the many variations and possible meanings/connotations of that word, not to dissimilar to the Character design project. To quote wikipedia For example:

The first reference to Inuit having multiple words for snow is in the introduction to The Handbook of North American Indians (1911) by linguist and anthropologist Franz Boas. He says:

...just as English uses derived terms for a variety of forms of water (liquid, lake, river, brook, rain, dew, wave, foam) that might be formed by derivational morphology from a single root meaning 'water' in some other language, so Eskimo uses the apparently distinct roots aput 'snow on the ground', gana 'falling snow', piqsirpoq 'drifting snow', and qimuqsuq 'a snow drift.

Hopefully that makes sense. So a 'transcription' of the word water for example could mean a lake/river/rain scene etc but could also mean something much more abtract say for example thirst.

I only intend the word to be a single starting point. I find this potential method somewhat more inspiring/interesting. I've decided I want to make my own original property and not do a piece of work based on something that already exists such as a piece of music or text. Not say I can't be inspired by such things but I don't want it to be a direct transcription of something.

Anyway I'll be back shortly with the word, I'm guessing the easiest route will be to just draw one out of hat.