Thursday, 1 July 2010

Minor Project: more talk

I was talking to Lev recently about her Summer Project (get to work on it! :P) where we were sending eachother various tidbits. One such thing exchanged was the optional story sequences from Mario Galaxy.

The visual style of this take some influence from Antoine de Saint-Exupéry's 'The Little Prince' which feature a number of lovely illustrations. It's certianly a visual stlye that I'd like to take cues from. i.e the idea thaat not everything has to stick to a certain colour ruleset, colours of object, size, amount of detail can be varied.


tutorphil said...

I'd suggest one of the most liberating steps you can take with cg is to understand all the things it needn't include (when its potential for remaking the world in all its photorealistic detail is soooo vast). Absolutely take your cues, not from the cg forums or z-brush mimetics, but from illustrators who already know they can make worlds compelling through the application of a few good rules; one of the nice things about the Little Prince is its use of negative space - again, negative space and its aesthetic pleasures is something often overlooked by cg people, because the software propels them toward a kind of ostentatious detail - a 'show-off' stance.