Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Chaplin (1992)

Lev and I watched this other day. Having seen it before the film remains enjoyable though it's a so-so in terms of being a truly accurate portrayal of the man's life. Robert Downney Jnr is a great Chaplin, though like most biopics I found it to be slightly simplistic in its depiction though it's an interesting look into early Hollywood and the life of someone who did it all by himself. It lacks the depth of the biography its based on, which by the way is one of the best auto-biographies ever written. Chaplin's chaotic life and work has to be one the most fascinating in the history of cinema, you might struggle to believe some aspects of it really. Oh and the endings a real tear-jerker... *sob*

I'd also post a picture of this weird Charlie Chaplin impersonator who attacked me outside the London Eye a few weeks back but I fear humiliation.


tutorphil said...

Hey Tom,

Thanks for sorting the UCA thing - though, I'd get rid of the green logo - or make it the blue of your Mexican ghosts...

Alan Postings said...

I quite liked Chaplin I remember. It was one of the first movies where I thought Robert Downey Jnr showed his acting credentials.

That picture sounds fun Tom ;) Sounds like the time I was accosted by Chaplin & Wonderwoman outside Mann's Chinese theatre.

I don't remember them being a duo before?