Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Minor Project

Ok think I definatly want to do a Transcrption of a Django Reinhardt song not sure which one yet. Maybe La Msr, I really love that song. I've already filled one ambition of doing something based on Under the Volcano and a Django Reinhardt is another one of those ambitions I want to fullfill.


tutorphil said...

... such an evocative piece of music Tom, and transcriptions of music always float my boat, because they offer up such theatrical potential; if I were looking to transcribe this, I'd probably start with getting as much background material on the piece itself and try and find an authentic 'source-derived' way in... happy hunting :-)

Tom Beg said...

Do you recognise it?


Which was actually based on


By Charles Trenet, Not sure how the Django/Quintette version came about, most likely a cover of the Trenet song. Which obviously has lyrics.

Tom Beg said...

Not even sure I want to do this one either! I sorta discovered it through something else and I know that where it came from will just be stuck in my head. Luckily he recorded hundreds of songs! Love this one as well, though not this specific version:


Tom Beg said...

Also the guitarist right at the start of Belleville Rendevous is Django Reinhardt!