Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Transcription: Cliff Scene Update 2

I was trying to think of ways to complete this scene and the idea of using one the digital paintings as a texture on the volcano popped into my head. Looks interesting though I'm undecided as to whether it clashes too much.


tutorphil said...

I think you're onto something here - because, in truth, you have to make an aesthetic choice; while your 'blue wire' room is very impressionistic and bold, your canyon scene starts to reflect a different view - more 'earth bound'; even the fog element starts to seem too conventional and 'photo-real' to truly be in the same 'landscape' as the wire room. Currently, there is too great a gap between the obviously illustrative style of the volcano, and the real word stylings of the canyon; can you try using your drawn textures derived from original concept art to 'baffle' and soften the existing rock textures, and so bring them in line?

tutorphil said...

also - if the glow from the skull was effecting the landscape components, I think it would all synch up more convincingly.