Monday, 8 March 2010

Transcription: R and D analysis 4, Ravine Concept

the Ravine Walls

Depending on the angle that we view this scene from there is the potentially the idea that this in theory could be relatively flat planes with just a normal or bump map on top to give it the desired 3D look.

Mountain in the background

The choice here is whether to model the mountain or have it as part of a flat background image. I think this will depend on what the animation itself requires. In other words, if the world or camera moves towards the mountain then in order to create a transition that fits the world and is seamless then the it might be a better idea idea to model it but if we move away from this scene into another that does not require the mountain then a background image would be more suitable.


The concept art suggests than we have mist moving through the ravine towards the camera. So it needs to be decided how to achieve this effect.